Training and Capacity Building

California’s Employment Training Panel is a government-sponsored training program that addresses skills gaps by providing funding for in-house training. ETP enables manufacturers to provide training to new hires while at work, and it can jumpstart the training programs needed to employ incumbent workers who may not have the skills or extended experience necessary for their new roles. 

California’s Eligible Training Provider List was established to provide customer-focused employment training resources for adults and dislocated workers. California’s statewide list of qualified training providers offers a wide range of educational programs, including classroom, correspondence, online and apprenticeship programs. 

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Electric Vehicles Course is a two day program organised by the George Washington University and the European Energy Centre (EEC). It us designed for Engineers, managers, technicians and individuals intending to learn how Electric Vehicles work. 

Alternative Transportation and Renewable Energy Program provides training and work experience for clean transportation and energy technology, as well as related technical education, assistance, and outreach programs. 

USGBC Los Angeles Resilience/ GPRO and Envision Trainings

American River College runs a number of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. It offers a certificate program in green technology, certificates in alternative fuels and green vehicles, and an electrical apprenticeship, among others. 

Oakland Green Jobs Corps connects underserved communities with clean energy jobs as a pathway out of poverty. The program is operated by Cypress Mandela Training Center and offers courses in electrician training, job safety, and other areas.