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Incentives for EV lease or purchase

Drive Clean: Find rebates, discounts and incentives available in your area for clean technology vehicles.

Find a grant wizard: Find all rebates and grants tailored for low-income communities.

California offers rebates $1,500-$2,500 for EV purchase or lease, depending on the type of vehicle listed on rebate program’s webpage.

The federal government offers a “Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Tax Credit” upon purchase of a new qualified electric vehicle.

Alternative Fuels Data Center: The amount of the tax credit ranges between $2,500 and $7,500, depending on battery capacity and vehicle weight.

Public Fleet Pilot Project is part of Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) that provides incentives for agencies that operate in disadvantaged communities.

Car Scrap and Replace Program: Get $4,000-$9.500 to replace your older car with a newer vehicle. The program has income and vehicle requirements.

Plug in America PlugStar dealer program elevates auto dealership’s electric car expertise and sales capabilities by providing free trainings and tools.

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Charging rebates

California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project provides EV charger incentive projects that meet local needs for Level 2 and DC fast chargers.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program: Grants and affordable financing to help low- to moderate-income Californians purchase a hybrid or an EV.

City of Long Beach is giving away EV chargers free of cost to Long Beach residents who own or lease an electric vehicle, and obtain an electrical permit.

LADWP Rebate Program: LADWP residential and commercial customers can apply for rebates to offset the purchase of qualifying EV chargers.

SCE Clean Fuel Rewards Program: If you drive a new or used EV, you may be eligible to receive a $450 Clean Fuel Rebate.

Pasadena Water and Power PEV Charger Rebate Program provides $400 to residential customers for purchase or lease of EV and install a Level 2 charger.

Burbank Water and Power BWP offers rebates of $500 for Level 2 EV chargers. Rebates are limited to one per BWP residential account.

Southern California Incentive Project (SCIP) offers rebates for public EV chargers. Installations in designated disadvantaged communities (DACs) are eligible for rebates up to $80,000 per DC fast charger.

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Additional Resources

Find the best electric car for your needs! Search models, learn about charging stations, find tax incentives, explore savings, and discover other benefits of EVs.

Alternative Fuels Data Center provides information, data, and tools to help locate public charging stations.

Find fueling stations near an address, ZIP code or along a route in the United States. Enter a state to see a station count or see stations data by state.

Plug In America helps consumers, policy-makers, auto manufacturers understand the benefits of driving electric and select the best vehicle for their needs. It also has EV Support Program to get answers about plug-in cars, charging and savings.

ChargePoint brings EV charging to more people and places than ever before with the largest and most open EV charging network.

PlugShare is a free application for iOS, Android, and web that allows users to find and review charging stations, and to connect with other plug-in vehicle owners.

ChargeHub: Find all the available electric vehicle (EV) public charging stations near you when you need to charge your electric car.

ElectrifyAmerica: Locate a charger allows you to find the nearest EV chargers anywhere in the U.S.

EVmatch is a peer-to-peer EV charging network where EV drivers can find private chargers. Charging hosts earn money for sharing their station.

Veloz is a nonprofit that promotes public-private collaboration, public engagement and policy education innovation.

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